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We have  valuable musicians' tools available to educate and assist with hearing difficulties. Click on the items for more information.

Music and Hearing Aids: a Clinical Approach - Written for hearing health care professionals working with hard-of-hearing musicians and music lovers

Hear the Music - E-book focused on hearing loss prevention for musicians. Available to purchase online.

TTS app - Temporary hearing loss test app. Available for free online for iPhone and Android users.

Marshall Chasin and Associates - Personalized solutions to hearing problems.

Canadian Audiologist - Additional information about all aspects of audiology.


Music and Hearing Aids: a Clinical Approach

Music and Hearing AidsMusic and Hearing Aids: A Clinical Approach is written for hearing health care professionals working with hard-of-hearing musicians and music lovers. This highly relevant book breaks down the research for how music can, and should, be processed through modern hearing aids and offers the busy audiologist clinically based strategies to optimize the sound of amplified music




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Hear The Music

Hear The Music publicationHear The Music, now in its 5th edition, was written for musicians and represents over 35 years of clinical work at the Musicians’ Clinics of Canada. The topic of hearing loss prevention is something that has evolved from a fringe concept, to something that is now part of the cornerstone of every musicians’ training. Musicians are now, more than ever, aware of the importance of protecting their hearing (and livelihood).

“Richly informative and wonderfully accessible… Marshall Chasin writes with musical passion rare in science writing.” Kathy Peck, Executive Director, Hearing Education and Awareness for Rockers (HEAR).


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Temporary Hearing Loss App (free)

Temporary hearing loss test appMost often the early signs of hearing loss show up as a temporary change in one’s hearing threshold. This typically resolves within 16-18 hours and we have all experienced this, especially after a loud concert or a long day at work- typically a feeling of muffled sound and perhaps some ringing in your ears.

This free Smartphone app measures the softest sound that can be heard before the music or noise exposure, and then again after the music or noise exposure. This difference is a measure of the temporary hearing loss, also known as temporary threshold shift (or TTS).

A small shift, measured in decibels or dB, is not significant, but larger ones between 6-15 dB (orange), or even greater than 15 dB (red) can be indicators of over-exposure.

If this happens, then a day or two of relative quiet may be very useful, in order to prevent this temporary problem from becoming a permanent one. Hearing protection would be very useful the next time you are in a similar environment. Additional information can be found at Changes in thinking about TTS.

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