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Five Musicians' Facts Sheets

   Bass Players and Drummers

   Guitar and Rock Blues Vocalists

   School Band Teachers

   Violins and Violas

   Woodwinds and Large Stringed Instruments


   Traduit par Sylvie Auger

   Basse et batterie

   Bois et Grands Cordes


   Professeurs Harmon

   Violons & Alto


Hearing Aids and Audio Demonstrations

The problem with frequency transposition and music

Frequency Transposition - The one octave counter example

The problem with multi-band compression and music

Overdriving a hearing aid with music



A vocalist wants a quiet space to practice at home

An open letter to hard of hearing musicians

Back to basics conductive assessment via telehealth

Changes in thinking about TTS

Composing with hearing loss

Electronic hearing protection

Frequency compression is for speech and not music

For whom the bell tolls

Hearing Loss Prevention for the Consumer

Hearing Protection for Musicians

Hidden hearing loss for the consumer

How to use Bluetooth streaming devices in musical performance

In-ear monitors need to be aimed at the eardrum- True or False

Keeping it simple

Live vs. recorded music

Loss plus correction equals baseline

Loud vs. intense- ways to delude the musician

Measuring peak noise exposure._. while trying to outrun the cops

Music and Hearing Aids AES 2018

Music and hearing aids- are all approaches the same

Music and Hearing Aids- the current state of affairs Sept 2016

Music for the Audiologist (Plural Publishing)

Music for the hearing health care professional

Music is Noise ENT & Audiology News July Aug 2018

Musicians and the Prevention of Hearing Loss AES 2018

Never take pictures in the men's washroom

Notes from an early deafened musician

Panic in His Eyes

Perceptual-Considerations in Designing and Fitting Hearing Aids for Music

Rebuilding my musical self

Room Acoustics and Modifications for Performing Artists

Smartphones and Microphones

Sound level of musicial instrument Chasin, 2006

Testing for cochlear dead regions on the piano

The Case of the Missing C#

The Medical Aspects of Noise-Induced Otologic Damage in Musicians

The Problem with Frequency Transposition and Music

These Hearing Aids Make Everything Sound Digital

Three myths for programming hearing aids for music

Translating risk research from animal models to humans.

Wallace Sabine and Reverberation

What is the best musical instrument for my hard of hearing child

What Your Mother Never Told You About Earmold Acoustic Formulae

Who is Mead Killion?




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