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Hearing loss prevention and injury prevention- what can we do today to ensure that years from now you can still play and enjoy your music.

Temporary Hearing Loss Test App

The app measures the softest sound that can be heard before the music or noise exposure, and then again after the music or noise exposure.  This difference can provide information about your noise or music exposure.

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HEAR THE MUSIC, by Dr. Marshall Chasin.
Hear the Music is a very readable book and has up-to-date information on everything needed for hearing loss prevention with musicians.


The research articles backup the answers provided in the FAQ section.


This question and answer section will provide a good overview of the state of knowledge in the field and can be used as a primer, or “short course” on “Musicians and the Prevention of Hearing Loss”.


What can we do to ensure that 30 years from now you will be able to play and listen to music with as much pleasure as you do today?

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